A-1 Waterproofing is composed of waterproofing experts who have been serving the Nashville area for many years. We are a consolidation of local area experts who came together years ago to better serve the area.

Community-Focused Service

We live here and our customers are friends and neighbors in the community. We care about serving the community and providing our members with only the best waterproofing in the area.

A-1 Waterproofing's Mission in the Service of our Communities:

It is our mission to resolve moisture, water, foundation, and mold issues that arise in homes and businesses and help people restore their spaces to safe and comfortable habitats. We take water intrusion and the issues that arise from water intrusion, very seriously. They can cause health problems, in some cases even life-threatening health problems, for our children and families and our employees. We also strive to minimize any damage occurring to homes and businesses by acting quickly to identify the Source of the problem so that effective remediation and restoration steps can be outlined and implemented. We are honored to be entrusted to help you in your time of need.

James Gafford A-1 Waterproofing

References are Available

We are very proud of the fact that much of our business comes from direct referrals of satisfied customers. If we are providing you with any of our affordable waterproofing services, we will be glad to give you references.